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Form Types
* Indicates form can be completed onscreen and printed on local printer.
Registration Forms
   Oregon Forms
* Out-of-State Vehicle Registration* - Oregon Weight Receipt & Tax Identifier - Vehicle Registration / Amendment Form
* Oregon Vehicle Registration Continuation Sheet*
* Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application*
* Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application - Signature Addendum*
* Oregon Class 1A Permit Application*
* Commercial Registration Application*
* Commercial Registration Application - Manufactured Structure Toter*
* Commercial Registration Application - Tow Truck*
* Oregon Bus Registration*
* Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Certification*
* Assumed Business Name and other Business Registry Forms* - Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division Forms 101, 102, 103
  Contractor - Subcontractor Agreement: A form commonly used by log haulers when one authorized carrier wants to perform transportation service for another authorized carrier.
* Farm Application*
* Out-of-State Farm Application*
* Voluntary Discontinuance of Authority*
* Billing Authorization*
* Equipment Lease Form*
* Power of Attorney*
  Charitable Organizations - Fact Sheet
* Apply for a PIN for Trucking Online*
* Registration Refund Request*
   IFTA and IRP Forms
  Oregon Motor Carrier Registration and Tax Manual
* Schedule A* - Oregon IRP and IFTA Applications Combined
* Schedule B* - Oregon IRP Mileage
* Schedule C* - Oregon IRP Truck, Tractor & Bus Addition/Update
* Schedule C-T* - Oregon IRP Tow/Toter Addition/Update
* Schedule R* - Oregon Proof of Residency
* No Operations Affidavit*
* Plate Affidavit*
   IFTA Only
* IFTA Request Additional Decals*
   Federal Forms
  U.S. DOT Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCS-150) - Paper copy - Application for U.S. DOT #
  Safety Certification for Application (MCS-150A) - Paper copy
* U.S. DOT # Application Online - Complete and Submit MCS-150 and MCS-150A Online*
  Visit the FMCSA Online Registration & Licensing System to access Registration Applications, including the Motor Carrier Property and Broker Application
  Quick guidance regarding Who Must Comply with Federal Safety Regulations?
   HVUT Forms
* Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return* - IRS Form 2290 - Instructions for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Return
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