Non-ODOT Staff (contractors, etc.): Complete the fields below and submit at least 35 days prior to when the restriction begins per contract specifications 00220.03(a) Work Zone Notifications.

ODOT Staff: Complete the fields below and submit at least 14-28 days prior to when the restriction begins. Refer to the How Much Notice is Required section on the Oregon Travel Restrictions and Guidelines website for more information.

After submitting the form an email confirmation will be sent to you with a copy of the form attached for your records. When the project is complete and the restriction is no longer needed, update this form and select Lift or Cancel to clear this restriction. If you have questions, or the restriction needs to be extended or updated, contact the Restriction Notice Team.

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Section 1 - (Location/Project/Event Name) Help: User Guide
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Section 2 - (Restriction Hours/Days and Explanation of Work) Help: User Guide
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The duration (start/end date entered) shall not exceed the anticipated actual restriction period.
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Section 3 - (Full Highway Closures) Help: User Guide
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Section 4 - (Highway Width Restrictions/Lane Closures) Help: User Guide
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Section 5 - (Ramp Closures/Ramp Width Restrictions) Help: User Guide
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for closing any ramps?
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Section 6 - (Height and Weight Restrictions) Help: User Guide
Are you temporarily installing a feature over the
roadway that will create a height restriction?
(e.g. temporary traffic signal, false work, etc.)
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FORM 734-2357 (2-21)