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(Electronic version of form # 734-2357 (Rev 2-07))

Instructions: Complete the fields below and submit twenty-eight (28) days prior to when the restriction begins so the carriers may be notified. This form is fillable online. After completing the form click on the Submit button to send the form electronically. An email confirmation will be sent to you with a copy of the form attached for your records. When the project is complete or the restriction has been lifted, update this form and re-submit it to MCTD.

You can access the ODOT Mobility Procedures Manual for detailed information or, if you have questions, contact the MCTD Over Dimensional Permit Manager at (503) 378-6192.

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Status: New Restriction * * = required Fields
Section 1
Route Number: *
Highway Maintenance Number:
Beginning Mile Point: *  Ending Mile Point:  *
Direction: Northbound Southbound Eastbound Westbound *
Highway Local Name: *
City/Town Nearby:
Project Name and Key #:
Section 2
Date Work Begins: Estimated Completion Date:
Restriction Hours: Is it 24 X 7? No Yes * From:     To:
Provide a detailed explanation of the work:
(Include specific dates & times for restriction work included in the notice)

(Add text to be sure to include the Days (Sun-Sat) of the restriction.)
Is this workzone on a Tangent or Curve? *
Section 3
Height: No change in existing height requirements    Change in existing height requirements *
(Physical height between top of pavement and bottom of structure/falsework at the lowest point in travel lanes.)
Feet: *   Inches: *
Does this conform to the requirements in the ODOT Mobility Manual? Yes No *
Are you unsure? Please refer to Chapter 3 of the Mobility Procedures Manual

Width: No change in existing width requirements    Change in existing width requirements *
(Physical width between barriers.)
Feet: *   Inches: *
Does this conform to the requirements in the ODOT Mobility Manual? Yes No *
Are you unsure? Please refer to the Chapter 4 Mobility Procedures Manual
Barrier: Hard Barrier    Soft Barrier *
Weight: No change in weight requirements    Change in weight requirements *
Non-divisible Annual Heavy Haul 98,000 lbs   Divisible Extended Weight to 105,500 lbs *
per Single Axle (Annual: Divisible load 20000 lbs. and Non-divisible load 21500 lbs. Do not enter commas!) *
per Tandem Axle (Annual: Divisible load 34000 lbs. and Non-divisible load 43000 lbs. Do not enter commas!) *
Section 4
Bridge Structure Name:   
Bridge Structure Milepost:    Bridge Structure Number: 
Road/Ramp Closure? Yes   No *
Can you accommodate wide loads? Yes   No *
Is there a detour route? Yes   No *
Authorized Truck Detour Route(WB67): *
      Detour Approved By: * (Name of City/County Official)
Is the detour approved for oversize loads? Yes   No *
Section 5
Submitter's Name: *
Submitter's Phone: * Retype Phone: *
Submitter's Cell Phone:
Submitter's Email: * Retype Email: *
(All official correspondence concerning this document will be sent to this email address.)
Alternate Name:
Alternate Phone:
Alternate Email:
Agency (ODOT) Project Manager: * Email: * Phone: *
Alternate (ODOT) Project Manager Designee: Email: Phone:
Alternate (ODOT) Project Manager Designee: Email: Phone:
Other Non-ODOT Project Contact: Email:
Region Mobility Coordinator: *

* = required Fields

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