Services Available

Apply for PIN - Get the password needed to go Trucking Online. Use the Online PIN Request process to complete an application, then have it signed by a company officer and send it in.

Obtain an Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier - Get the permanent or temporary paper credentials needed for out-of-state-based truckers to operate in Oregon.

Amend a Weight Receipt, Replace, or Cancel a Receipt - Make amendments to a Receipt, including base plate changes, replace a receipt, or cancel one.

Renew a Weight Receipt - Meet the annual credential renewal requirements for out-of-state-based trucks operating in Oregon.

File Weight-Mile Tax Reports and Make Payments - Meet the monthly or quarterly requirement to file a weight-mile tax report for trucks traveling in Oregon and pay the tax by Direct Payment or credit card.

Highway-Use Tax Report Look-Up - Check to see if Oregon has received a weight-mile tax report filing.

Obtain a Heavy Vehicle Trip Permit - Get the $43 ten-day trip permit you need when you have a valid Weight Receipt but have not paid Oregon registration fees (Oregon not listed on the base state apportioned cab card and truck does not have an Oregon commercial plate).

Obtain a Temporary Pass - Pay highway-use taxes for the miles a truck will travel and get the $9 ten-day temporary pass you need to conduct a single round-trip through Oregon, or operate on a short-term lease agreement. Available for established motor carriers only. Need to get established? Complete an Application for Motor Carrier Permit and submit it to the ODOT Motor Carrier Division.

Authorize Rental Agency Action - Authorize rental agencies to issue permanent or temporary weight-mile tax credentials for trucks that a motor carrier rents or leases. Authorize agencies to settle passes for billing motor carriers.

Check Temporary Passes and Trip Permits - View a list of all passes and permits issued in the last 60 days.

Obtain Green Light Transponders - Get weighed in-motion, preclear, and bypass major Oregon weigh stations.

Check Account Status

Make a Payment on Account - Pay by credit card or by Direct Payment -- the smart way to pay. Direct Payments are not accompanied by high transaction fees so truckers' taxpayer dollars stay in the Highway Fund rather than being spent on banking fees.

Renew or Cancel Commercial Plates - Meet the annual registration renewal requirements for Oregon-based Commercial-plated trucks, or cancel a Commercial plate.

Pay Quarterly Commercial Registration Fees - Opt to pay Commercial registration fees for another quarter and print a new Cab Card.

Add a Vehicle to a Commercial Fleet - For Oregon-based carriers with at least one Commercial-plated truck already on file, add a vehicle to the fleet, with an effective date up to 10 days in advance, and receive a plate, receipt, stickers, and Cab Card within two business days. If necessary, print a Temporary Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier, Temporary Vehicle Registration, and copy of the plate issue record. Available if the carrier is not suspended and it's not a Registrant-only file.

Report and Pay Road Use Assessment Fees - Pay any or all outstanding Road Use Assessment Fees for Single-Trip Permits with unreported mileage related to the transportation of non-divisible loads in excess of 98,000 pounds combined weight. Pay on an individual permit basis or on a monthly basis.

International Registration Plan (IRP)
transactions and records inquiries for Oregon companies --

  • Vehicle Additions - Complete IRP application online, print a bill, and mail payment or pay online!**
  • Vehicle Cancels - Cancel IRP vehicles.
  • Vehicle Amendments - Amend information on IRP vehicles.**
  • Replacement Credentials - Order and pay for replacement plates, cabcards, stickers, or Oregon Weight Receipts and Tax Identifiers.**
  • Payments - Pay supplements/applications online**
  • Payment History - Check application/supplement amount and date paid by fleet.
  • Schedule B Information - Check jurisdictions registered, number of miles, type of miles reported, percentages.
  • Fleet Weight Group - Check weights and jurisdictions for fleet.
  • Plate Inquiry - Check the status of Apportioned plates.
  • Renew IRP Accounts, Check Renewal Status - Complete the annual process of renewing an IRP account and check the status of renewal.

    **Whenever new credentials are required, temporary credentials are issued online and permanent credentials will be mailed from Salem Headquarters.


International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
transactions and records inquiries for Oregon companies --

  • Account Status - View the current status of an IFTA account.
  • Online Payments - View account balance, make payments.
  • Reprint IFTA License - Get a reprint of the IFTA license that needs to be carried in each vehicle that has IFTA decals.
  • Decals - Obtain decals for new vehicles or replacement decals.
  • IFTA Returns - File IFTA quarterly returns.
  • Return Status / Details - Check whether an IFTA Return has been received. If the return has been finalized, view detailed information regarding entries and computations.
  • IFTA Renewal - Renew an IFTA account for the following year and receive the new IFTA license and decal(s) by mail.
  • Renewal Status - Check if the annual IFTA license renewal process is completed.
  • Change IFTA Address


Vehicle Look-Up
- Check the current information of active trucks on your company account.

Insurance Look-Up - Check to see if Oregon has received an insurance filing for your company. This service is very popular with insurance agents who need to confirm that Oregon has received a filing. Anyone can access this public information. You don´t need a PIN. Check a company´s insurance status with Oregon.

Surety Bond Look-Up - Check to see if Oregon has received a surety bond filing.

Scale Crossings and Reports - Get monthly reports of scale crossings for your fleet(s), as well as citations and warnings issued for size and weight violations.

Safety Inspection Reports - View all truck and driver safety inspections from the past 24 months. Ensure that all inspection follow-up requirements have been met.

Over-Dimension Permit Look-Up - View all over-dimension variance permits issued in the past two years. List by permit number or date range.

Over-Dimension Payment on Account - View the current account balance and make payments to an Over-Dimension (OD) account.

Over-Dimension Weight Analysis - Determine allowable or permittable weights while operating in Oregon.

Change Address - Change company mailing address, the location address for receiving packages, the records address (when different from mailing and location address), or company email address.

File a Truck Crash Report - Use an Online Crash Report Form to submit the report of a truck accident. A paper copy of the Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report includes this Motor Carrier Crash Report Form (pages 6 and 7) that must be filed with the Oregon DOT's Crash Analysis and Reporting Unit.

Find a Company - Look up trucking company information, including address, phone, the type of operation that is on file with the Oregon DOT, and the status of the company´s insurance. Also, find a company by entering a truck license plate number, find a company's Oregon file number by entering the U.S. DOT number found on a truck cab's door, or find a company's U.S. DOT number by entering an Oregon file number. Anyone can access this information. You don´t need a PIN.

View Road Restrictions - View a special list of size and weight restrictions on roads and bridges.

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