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Request that monthly tax report be mailed to motor carrier. Use the Forms tab at the top of this page.
Calculate Oregon Weights
Determine allowable or permittable weights while operating in Oregon.
Obtain Reprints of Permits Issued by Phone Call
Obtain reprints of various permits issued by a phone call to MCTD within the last 120 days.
New transactions now available for PIN holders:
Issue Weight Receipts in Bulk - December 2012
Obtain multiple Weight Receipts through submission of spreadsheet.
IFTA Return Status / Detail
Check if an IFTA Return has been received and accepted. View detailed information regarding entries and computations.
Over-Dimension Permit Lookup
List over-dimension permits issued in last two years.
Road Use Assessment Fee (RUAF) Payments
Pay for permits on which Road Use Assessment Fees are owing. This may be done on an individual permit, or a monthly, basis.
Over-Dimension Payment on Account
View your current account balance and make payments to your Over-Dimension (OD) account.
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